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Friday, July 8, 2011

Alizée Gazette 07082011

Alizée Gazette 07082011

Twitter is our melting pot
Facebook is where "she" roams

well maybe not that big of a "gun"

@morvan keeping me informed just this morning
@AlizeeFrance always with a pic
@Psychealizee kicking in vids
@nidalizee ... the nest... is the nest of Alizee

Jérémy Dragonball Z'ing it
@thomasbannelier tweeting flippant, whew, thought he was talking about me, no, skiing in July

@Jenny_HRO87 Harry or Ewan, Ewan or Harry
@Anita_22_05 is "The Tennis Channel"
@LuisEnrique3 becoming the NEO of the iPad
@Chris_Corse it's his island

@Sirwood4444 rocky mountain high...
@miamigo1 doing his best "little Jo" with his camera
speaking of Jo...
@Origin1973 Carmageddon 405 is calling
@CameronMiquelon just updated something...

@TinkPame changed her pic (again)
all those @mellealizee tweets... @Nadiastrid @0089adi @feeclochette29 @rickiibarra @GabbyJoli @Angel_Alizee

and so many others from Utah to the Ukraine

@mellealizee just keep having fun changing those avatars so we know your OK

me... I'm just doing what I do

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