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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trying to Understand French Culture

In the ongoing effort on my part to understand Alizee I have been reading the book 'French or Foe' by Polly Platt and sharing some parts of the book. Today is honor and doing business in France.
"French people like to deal with people they know."
"Us is only family, close friends, classmates and old faithful customers."
"French people are concerned about personal honor, the honor of France, and the honor of their family and friends and the honor of their long term customers."
"You aren't part of that club. There's no rule of honor, implicit or explicit, that says they have to sell or do any kind of business with you, an unknown foreigner, much less accommodate your outlandish request."

Remember there is no right or wrong in all this, it is all about understanding a different culture.
Perhaps some of the book generalizes too much, but it may have to at times to gain our attention to get us to rethink the situation and realize there maybe more then just a language difference.

And it is my humble opinion that Alizee pulled off the Lolita roll with honor.

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