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Monday, September 13, 2010

Alizée... in the wild

Just doing some organizing of files... and of course this Alizée file always slows me down. I just have to look at pics. I have always felt that no matter how wonderful the posed photos are, there is just something special about the regular pics, the ones where it's just Alizée in the wild or Alizée in her natural habitat.

Recently this is one of my favs... just caught shopping...

Occasionally we catch her with a ribbon or flower....hmmm, left side...

That's about it, me enjoying the rare in the wild pics...

But speaking of photos, Jo Jacotey mentioned something about starting up a website again for his photos... this is what I see currently, click here
I hope he posts some of his older work. There is one I have always thought I wanted to utilize. Now I don't have photos hanging up at all. I do have prints... you know, the standard... Van Gogh Cafe at Night .... But in my kitchen I think it would be cool to have a Jo photo. Does anyone recall the one of the multiple open bags of spices? I really liked that and think it would be cool in the kitchen area. Any who... let's see what develops...

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