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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Following Alizée

Following Alizée in the "old" days was simple. Her name was unique and rare. What has happened? There are Alizée's everywhere. Skiing, swimming, surfing, tennis, models... and yes the occasional description of a Mediterranean breeze.

Items catch my eye and most cases are referring to one of the "other" Alizée's. I long for the good ole days...

OH! and the fake accounts... frustrating does not even describe it.

And we have the ones using her name in some form as a compliment, facebook for instance. I have more Jacotey's following me then Jo taking a family portrait at a Jacotey family reunion!

Today I thought I would share one. I give you the pieces of the puzzle and you work on it. Don't worry, I'll pay you the same wages I receive. So here we go, let's see, where should I start...

Here is an site. IDEN... in French... (click on pics to enlarge)
It's about "Excuse my French" on September 24th, don't forget to check the year...oh good 2010. It's about music, it mentions DJ Karve... let's find out more about this DJ Karve...

Well here is a MySpace for DJ Karve. A DJ out of Paris. It's not a surfer or a swimmer, so far so good. Scrolling down I see a friend? Melle Alizee ? Now what is this??? Melle Alizee MySpace??

So where are we...
IDEN has a post
an event called excuse my French
the name Alizée is mentioned
the name DJ Karve is prominent
DJ Kruze has a MySpace where this Melle Alizee MySpace is a friend

What of this Melle Alizee Myspace... its private

As compared to...

Without real information this is what you have to "cut" through... what's real, what's fake, what misinformation, what's going on...

Is it just a comparison to Alizée? Is DJ Karve just friends with a fake MySpace? Does DJ Kruze remix Alizée?
I will leave it there, just having some fun with you... what else is there to do?

there, the typos are fixed
so the answer is......

Alizee Nation



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