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Monday, September 20, 2010

Andanowski interview - Circulo Mixup

Andanowski interview - From Circulo Mixup

Adanowsky still lonely Click for article

From the article:
Record these songs in Spanish and then in English. What about your native language?
I'm not recording in French, because he stays in France French. And I want to travel, I prefer to play in Colombia, Cuba, Argentina, Chile and Mexico, to go to play in the province of France.

Well, Alizee, with whom he worked recently, sings in French and not stay in France.
But Alizee is another style of music has nothing to do with what I do. Others French Citame singing in French, apart from Manu Chao, because he sings in Spanish too. There is no other. Alizee What is a miracle. Do not hit here as singing in French, is so rare.

Because exploiting other attributes.
Yes, it was sexy and all that. I met her at Rob. It was he who told me: "Why do not you give a song in Spanish to Alizee? I thought "Did I do or not?" But I remembered Gainsbourg, who wrote for many singers, and I said "If he did, why not me?" So wrote the song and recorded it, it was very nice. Well, that's another story.

Do you enjoy writing for others?
Yes, I like a lot. I have to get my life too (laughs). If I could, I would write for anybody.

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