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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

some "A Coeur Fendre"

For asking the question what pic and getting the blog out of self imposed double secret probation... we will share his latest creation. An autobiographical video.

Great stuff... @mellealizee pay attention around 3:20 into it....

That was fun, yeah a flatlander from Florida... I guess we can pretend they are waves... just kidding. Poor guy is probably an Orlando Magic fan too so cut him a break.

Did you take "your" skateboard to South Korea? The reason I ask... lets just say I was responsible for a skateboard and ended up taking it on the plane as a carry on. I put it in the overhead bin. When we arrived some lady jumped up (as they always do) and grabbed her case, yanked it out, not looking... and along came the skateboard and hit her on the head. I was detained by police... nothing happened but do you think I would have been detained if it was my carry on luggage that fell out on her head? Sorry just another of my many stories...

Great stuff, nice use of "A coeur fendre" don't you think so Alizée?
Just think, we are going to get to say: "We knew him when..."


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Jonathan Morefield said...

I did take it but i have a special bag i could fit it into. And by the way I was born in california so actually I am a Lakers fan. But in the spirit of Alizee... Thanks again!

Unknown said...

ah, a bag! Alright a Laker fan!

good stuff, keep up the good work


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