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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Alizée is looking and doing fine


OK OK I can't take it anymore. This photo leads me to just another one of my... shall we say... obsessions. Health, Wellness, Fitness...

Alizée I would love what you do. Perhaps nothing or maybe you are one of the "French Organic Revolution" people. (of course I watched that movie)

If you do nothing that would be interesting to know. If you do follow some routine in eating or in fitness that would be fun to know. I know, I know... privacy.

I am in to that and I know of another Alizée fan that has... become healthy. They shall remain nameless for now since that person keeps that on the private side also. So you do have some fans that would love to know about your diet habits. Because the last we ever knew you were just eating sweets all day and being caught in a candy shop.

Share with us your secrets on...

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Jonathan Morefield said...

Are all these without makeup?

Unknown said...

Let's just say it was a self admitted impromptu session of the CEO of Alimart in the world headquarters warehouse of Alimart. Makeup would have been normal for the day but minimal for a photo shoot.


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