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Monday, October 4, 2010

Le Nid is back

Following Alizée is always an adventure. You actually learn a lot about French culture and idiosyncrasies.

About 2 weeks ago Le Nid posts on Facebook and Twitter ( @nidalizee ) that the website was going down.

That was it, that was all, nothing else. A quite panic set in....

Today it is back. Me taking a SWAG...
SWAG is a Scientific Wild Ass Guess as opposed to a...
WAG which is just a Wild Ass Guess

my SWAG is... URL registration was due, perhaps some change in hosting and back online. I think it's just hilarious that they don't mention it. Oh those French, it's none of our business. See the culture difference. What a hoot.

Of course I could be wrong.... let me think about that... naaaaaaa

Welcome back Le Nid

you come and go, you come and go...
I wanna be like Le Nid and Alizée when I grow up :)

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