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Monday, October 18, 2010

Alizée - The Semi Recluse

Alizée - The Semi Recluse
I settled on Semi Recluse, I think that it is accurate. It is not good or bad it just is.

The article How to be a recluse from The Independent.

"true reclusiveness always appears to shade into madness because, on the face of it, the practitioner is turning down money"

Short of hiding from the public for decades, the next most intriguing strategy is to be a writer or performer who "guards his privacy"

As a young journalist, I once asked Martin Amis's publicity people whether I could interview him. "You can't interview him now," they carefully stated, "because he has nothing to promote. When he has something to promote, then you can interview him." It fascinated me that (a) he had licensed these third parties to say this on his behalf and (b) that he didn't immediately find something to promote (options would include his last book, or his next one, or just himself in general) purely for the sake of being in the papers. But no. There was a time to be famous, and a time not to be.

The success of the strategy of semi-reclusiveness is determined by the degree to which the number of offers of publicity refused at inconvenient times is exceeded by the numbers of opportunities accepted at convenient ones. One of our leading semi-recluses is Alan Bennett, who generally succeeds in being either everywhere or nowhere at any given moment. The one biography of him, written by Alex Games, is called Backing Into the Limelight

Another interesting article: J. D. Salinger a Recluse? Well, Not to His Neighbors from the New York Times.

Despite his reputation, Mr. Salinger “was not a recluse,” said Nancy Norwalk, a librarian at the Philip Read Memorial Library in Plainfield, which Mr. Salinger would frequent. “He was a towns- person.”

And last week, after his death, his neighbors would not talk about him, reflecting what one called “the code of the hills.”

The Corsican Code!

“Nobody conspired to keep his privacy, but everyone kept his privacy —

He was an individual who just wanted to live his life.”

Alizée is surrounded by people that will keep her privacy...that allows her to just live her life between appearances.

And of course there is the Are You a Recluse Quiz

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