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Friday, October 1, 2010

Alizée Twitter and WWCD

Oh come on, you all saw it...

Did I really need to post it. There! See for yourself. Alizée actually updated her Twitter account. Not just her bi-monthly or is it semi monthly or what ever term is used for tweeting every other month... But actually updated who she follows.


No "Alizee Nation" follow... I have been drowning in a sea of self pity ever since. How can I go on, my blogging life is just not worthy. I could live with no twitter account update, we have all come to accept that. Pretty girls do what they want. I mean... I can live with being ignored, but this... this new turn of events... being rejected! I couldn't eat, I couldn't tweet, blogging was out of the question. I looked to see if blogger had a "hot line" number, someone to talk to about my thoughts of ending it all. Then even worse!!! My thoughts went to those who have flipped to the 'dark side', you know, the ones we can't talk about, the unmentionables. Many have fallen before me, just another notch on her lipstick case. I came this close to ending it all... there it was... right in front of me....'DELETE THIS BLOG'

But then... out of nowhere came this song, this answer to my prayer...

and I had this epiphany!!!! WWCD .... What Would Charlie Do?

Charlie would get right back on that horse and keep going, keep trying... I don't know why I had the TV on the educational channel that night but it was exactly what I needed. WWCD

So here we go, giddyup...

Alizee Nation



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