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Friday, August 8, 2008

Swiffer to Alizee

Oh man, this is going to be a tough one.
You know, a swiffer, one of those floor cleaning devices to use in lieu of a mop. I am sure you must have seen them on TV. I would like to think you may actually use one or something like it.
You missed your BIG chance. But that is no reason to not do something.
Swiffer had a constest, ended in 2/2008
You could make your own Swiffer commercial. Check it out. You do have to use their song but it was worth $15,000.

Well thats over, But...I sure would like to see some Alizee swiffer vids on YouTube.

My favorite swiffer song is Lilly Town, then Decollage. I can get the floors done under 10 minutes with those songs blasting on cleaning day. Oh yeah guys, ya have to have a cleaning day for this to work.

We may not want to see you on the video but maybe you could Mom. I was going to say girlfriend but I did see some of your pics on the forums and am sure you all have nice personalities.

Settle down, if you are not sitting there laughing along with Alizee and I, well then you are taking yourself a little too serious.

But what you do all have is talent. Do something, make it go viral on YouTube.
Just have to do it a little different from what we normally see. Instead of Alizee pictures to someone else's music it will be some swiffering to Alizee music.

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