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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Alizee - Article

An article from Excelsior. Just a nice simple article, nothing of note mentioned. The google English translation:

"AGUASCALIENTES .- The French singer Alizée was acclaimed during his presentation on Saturday in San Marcos in the city as part of the opening 181 of the National Fair of San Marcos.

The coronation ball in honor of Gabriela, who was named queen of the local festival, began at 22:00 hours when thousands of guests began arriving at the venue decorated by large gardens and fountains.

After dinner, the French interpreter left the stage and was greeted by applause and cries of those present there.

For an hour and a half topics as interpreted Alizée Mademoiselle Juliette, Lui and Moi Lolita iu toi, which were acclaimed by the public, although that did not sing the songs on a par with French, followed the rhythm of music.

Dressed in a black color skirt, a blouse with motifs similar to the skin of a leopard and a vest with stones, the artist wore a simple hairstyle, and that led her hair loose, as in most of their presentations.

Alizée hidrocálido captivated the audience to address a few words in Spanish, a language that does not dominate, since the end of the opening theme to the show said: "Thanks Aguascalientes hope you enjoy being here," also repeatedly expressed "thanks".

In concluding his presentation received flowers on stage, which increased the fair queen, princesses and other representatives of beauty contests were invited.

Organizers of the Feria de San Marcos decided that this year Alizée was present in the show because it is France the country invited to the celebrations of the local 2009.

Hours earlier, the singer gave a press conference with local media in a central hotel in town, and with the help of a translator answered questions regarding his visit to this institution and thanked the Mexican public response to his music.

"I'm very happy how I received the public in Mexico, Aguascalientes not know, but what I can say is that it is a pride for the French to have a representative in this country"


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