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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Alizee - Bo Diddley

This has been on my mind for some time now...
Let's take a quick look at Fifty Sixty. I have always thought that Alizee sang Fifty Sixty with a Bo Diddley beat.
Bo Diddley beats can vary, some faster then others. Here is one Bo Diddley beat to drums. Link to the video is here if you are interested. I wish I could find a sample closer to the tempo of Fifty Sixty.

Now let's listen to Alizee sing Fifty Sixty. Alizee does the Bo Diddley beat with her voice. It's not as sharp but I hear it, especially the second time around.

I am not a musician and I do not have sophisticated software, it would be fun to try a remix of Fifty Sixty to a Bo Diddley beat with their tempos matched.

So all you musicians go grab your guitars and play a Bo Diddley beat to Alizee's acapella version of Fifty Sixty. (Lefty)

or maybe I'm crazy

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Romashka said...

interesting idea. but you are crazy! =)

Unknown said...

It's all in her voice, doing that rhythmic beat...just a little.

I would be interested in how it was decided on singing it that way and how it was described to Alizee on how to sing it if in fact it was discussed. But we will probably never know, because when the few and far between interviews happen, the interviewer will ask the same old 'Lolita' questions.

Finishing with my crazy remark I thought I was going with a rhetorical statement, but...
thats OK too.

Lefty said...

My 50/60 remix days are over. 3 was enough. I get the point of what you’re saying, but it’s not exactly the same, and that’s a problem. If you put 2 rhythmic patterns together that are only close, they will clash badly. Also, there is a problem with the beats per measure between the 2.

The rhythmic pattern of the vocal in 50/60 is designed to fall between the downbeats in certain places in order to create a backbeat or counter-punch feel, so to speak. It makes the straight 4/4 time of the song much more interesting rhythmically. If you have the music banging out the rhythm Alizée is singing, it will sound heavy handed and you will lose the rhythmic interplay between her voice and the music. It’s good songwriting and it’s catchy, and they new what they were doing. I hope this crude explanation makes some sense. Others may have a different take on it. Just my 2 cents...:-)

Unknown said...

Excellent Lefty! I appreciate you taking the time to explain your "two cents".


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