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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Alizée check out Ruro's gadgets

Alizée, Ruro shared 3 gadgets and you are on everyone!!!! Here's his post.

First, the only Apple of the lot, my 2nd generation 2 Gig Nano, which has served me well for over three years now. Contains Alizée's entire catalogue of music, and more remixes than you can shake a fair-to-medium-sized stick at.

Next up is my Sony PSP, which up until recently I was mainly using to watch movies and TV shows during long commutes in addition to gaming. En Concert has been a mainstay on its 4 gig memory card for almost a year now. The game I'm playing on it most lately is Lego Star Wars II, but I'm itching to try the new Indiana Jones game when it comes out this summer...

Finally, my new Asus Aspire One subcompact notebook, 9 1/2" of pure awesomeness, which I actually just got for free(!) through my workplace's employee rewards program. (I was actually saving up my points to upgrade to an iPod Touch, but then a special offer on this baby popped up, so I grabbed it!) I heart it very much. It's the perfect size and weight for travelling with--I've been editing the podcast with it on the train to and from work all week, which has been awesome. It's not an iMac, sure...but I could run OSX on it if I wanted to! And it's cute, too!

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