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Friday, October 29, 2010

All Hollows Eve

Trick? .... or Treat?

Various imitations of Alizée

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Magic Roundabout - Pollux, Le Manage Enchante

A Jeremy Chatelain note...

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just a thought Coachella

Just a thought that crossed my mind today regarding Coachella Festival.

Coachella does not seem to have a problem trying new things. Bringing in Jay-Z, changing to 3 day pass only... so...

How about a French Tent for a day? Maybe not even the whole day. There are two large stages and 3 smaller tented stages. I wonder if a tent for a day could have... (for example only) the likes of... Teki Latex, Para One, Surkin, Chateau Marmont, Sébastien Tellier, Kavinsky, The Teenagers, BB Brunes, Yelle, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Alizée, Oxmo Puccino... Just to name a few, just saying there are a lot to choose from that could make it work.

Then it could transition to a main stage for the likes of a Daft Punk or a Phoenix!

Me dreaming... thanks for listening....
It would be awesome!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Alizée - Factory Girl

Alizée - Factory Girl with recent pics

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Alimart CEO

Those pictures of the CEO of Alimart taken in the world headquarters of the Alimart warehouse are just a fine example of contrasts.

It is a wonderful thing to see the beauty of Alizée in a simple T shirt posed in front of a garage door, a block wall, a stack of pallets...

Contrasts extraordinaire

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Alizée pic revisted...

I'm not finished with this pic yet!!!

1) This pic should be trending
2) as Katy Perry says and Alizée deserves... I think you're pretty without any make up on...
3) AND I am so happy Alizée has a daughter, no 5 1/2 year old boy should have a Mom that looks this hot. That just wouldn't be right. Yeah you know all you guys are shaking your heads in agreement. That would be therapy waiting to happen. Thank goodness for a daughter.

4) What's it going to take to get you into this garage door today?

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Alizée latest Google Trends

The latest Google Trends for Alizée
Are you kidding me, US does not even list... :(

Let's try it with an accent (click on the pics to enlarge)


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Thursday, October 21, 2010

We Bad

We Bad...

anyone else? It's just for fun...

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Alizée is looking and doing fine


OK OK I can't take it anymore. This photo leads me to just another one of my... shall we say... obsessions. Health, Wellness, Fitness...

Alizée I would love what you do. Perhaps nothing or maybe you are one of the "French Organic Revolution" people. (of course I watched that movie)

If you do nothing that would be interesting to know. If you do follow some routine in eating or in fitness that would be fun to know. I know, I know... privacy.

I am in to that and I know of another Alizée fan that has... become healthy. They shall remain nameless for now since that person keeps that on the private side also. So you do have some fans that would love to know about your diet habits. Because the last we ever knew you were just eating sweets all day and being caught in a candy shop.

Share with us your secrets on...

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Talkin' 'bout my girl

Talkin' 'bout my girl

and still generating hot spots

while I'm in the mood for the Temptations...

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We choose to follow Alizée...

We choose to follow Alizée not because it is easy, but because it is hard...

My friends call me a martyr, that I practice self deprivation...
No I don't have one of those things for my leg from the Da Vinci Code.
Yesterday I fasted, I probably fast about once every three weeks...
I am comfortable in tough times, I do not know what to do with myself and very uncomfortable in prosperous times.

The "Alizée Lifestyle" fits me perfect.
I wouldn't know how to act if she was extremely popular.

Where most complain... I feel most comfortable.

Even if something Alizée does shoots her to the top... how do you think she would react? Now that's something to ponder.

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Para One Interview Alizée
Para One Interview Alizée

or my title: The More I See the Less I Know

My apologies to Para One for concentrating on the two Alizée paragraphs.
From the article:

Concernant Alizée, le morceau que t’as produit pour elle sur le dernier album
Je suis arrivé au dernier moment sur le projet, j’étais pas censé être dans le casting. Il a été monté par le reste du crew et c’était très bien. Jean-René, qui dirigeait un peu les opérations, avait envie d’un morceau à part, qu’on fasse vite, ça s’est fait au dernier moment. Moi j’avais cette instru, on a fait les paroles, elle a chanté, ça a été très vite. C’est le genre de projet, il y a quelques années on auraient été complètement hystériques de produire Alizée ou un disque de pop comme ça… Peut être que c’est un truc d’âge, maintenant ça m’obsède pas, je trouve ça intéressant de participer, mais je mettrai pas toute mon énergie dans un projet comme ça parce que je crois plus en l’underground. Je crois plus au truc de nerd extrêmement pointu et qui ne passe pas par les réseaux traditionnels. Pour moi il y a une impasse à vouloir absolument rentrer dans ces réseaux. Je pense que pour Alizée ils ont fait une sorte de sabotage, c’est un ovni dans un réseau traditionnel.

Tu penses que c’est pour ça que l’album n’a pas bien marché ?
C’est possible. En même temps, aujourd’hui les succès n’existent pas beaucoup et encore moins dans la musique qu’on aime. Ce sont des sortes de succès d’estime maintenant, des succès de blogs. Moi ça fait longtemps que j’ai fait une croix sur le fait que réussite commerciale et réussite artistique soient liées. Il y a Zaz… Yaz (?)… Zaz qui cartonne… Tu vois ça et tu te dis que c’est flippant, que ça soit validé par tant de gens comme Télérama, « ouais c’est génial, l’univers de cette fille » alors que c’est une arriviste qui fait de la merde. Le fait qu’à une époque, quand il y avait de la merde, c’était clair c’était vraiment de la merde… Maintenant c’est de la merde un peu déguisée, c’est un peu cool et ça commence à jeter le trouble.

En tant que musicien j’aime la musique et j’aime entendre un truc qui me touche vraiment, profondément et qui ait le mérite d’exister. Je ressens pas trop ça avec les trucs qui marchent au sens pop, qui passe à la radio en ce moment. Donc pour moi la guerre de la radio, de chercher absolument à placer des morceaux c’est un peu fini, c’est un fantasme qu’on avait au début des années 2000 mais qui ne nous passionne plus. Avec le développement des blogs et du net tu peux tout à fait avoir une carrière sans passer par les radios et c’est là que j’ai envie d’être aujourd’hui.

This is Google Translator
Alizée on the piece you got the product for her latest album, A Girl difficult?
I arrived at the last moment on the project, I was not supposed to be in the cast. It was mounted by the rest of the crew and it was very good. Jean-Rene, who ran a few operations, wanted a piece apart, makes it fast, it happened at the last moment. I had this instrument, it was the words she sang, it was very fast. This is the kind of project a few years ago it would have been completely hysterical Alizée produce or pop record like that ... Maybe it's something old, not now it haunts me, I find it interesting to participate, but I will not have all my energy into a project like this because I believe more in the underground. I think more nerd stuff extremely sharp and not through traditional networks. To me there is a deadlock to be determined to get into these networks. I think for Alizée they made some sort of sabotage, it's a UFO in a traditional network.

You think that's why the album did not go well?
Possible. At the same time, today many successes do not exist, let alone in the music we love. They are kind of success now estimates, success of blogs. Me that I have long given up on the fact that commercial success and artistic success are linked. There Zaz ... Yaz (?) ... Zaz cartons that ... You see that and you think it's scary, it is endorsed by so many people like Telerama, "yeah it's great, the world of this girl "while it is a social climber who is crap. The fact that at a time when there was shit, it was clear it was really crap ... Now it's a bit shit disguised, is a bit cool and it begins to throw disorder.

As a musician I love music and I hear something that really touches me deeply and has the merit to exist. I feel too that with the tricks that work under pop, which comes on the radio right now. So for me the war of the radio, look absolutely placing pieces is a little over, it's a fantasy we had in the early 2000s but that fascinates us most. With the development of blogs and anywhere you can totally have a career without going through the radio and that's where I want to be today.

or... The More I See the Less I Know

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Alizée - The Semi Recluse

Alizée - The Semi Recluse
I settled on Semi Recluse, I think that it is accurate. It is not good or bad it just is.

The article How to be a recluse from The Independent.

"true reclusiveness always appears to shade into madness because, on the face of it, the practitioner is turning down money"

Short of hiding from the public for decades, the next most intriguing strategy is to be a writer or performer who "guards his privacy"

As a young journalist, I once asked Martin Amis's publicity people whether I could interview him. "You can't interview him now," they carefully stated, "because he has nothing to promote. When he has something to promote, then you can interview him." It fascinated me that (a) he had licensed these third parties to say this on his behalf and (b) that he didn't immediately find something to promote (options would include his last book, or his next one, or just himself in general) purely for the sake of being in the papers. But no. There was a time to be famous, and a time not to be.

The success of the strategy of semi-reclusiveness is determined by the degree to which the number of offers of publicity refused at inconvenient times is exceeded by the numbers of opportunities accepted at convenient ones. One of our leading semi-recluses is Alan Bennett, who generally succeeds in being either everywhere or nowhere at any given moment. The one biography of him, written by Alex Games, is called Backing Into the Limelight

Another interesting article: J. D. Salinger a Recluse? Well, Not to His Neighbors from the New York Times.

Despite his reputation, Mr. Salinger “was not a recluse,” said Nancy Norwalk, a librarian at the Philip Read Memorial Library in Plainfield, which Mr. Salinger would frequent. “He was a towns- person.”

And last week, after his death, his neighbors would not talk about him, reflecting what one called “the code of the hills.”

The Corsican Code!

“Nobody conspired to keep his privacy, but everyone kept his privacy —

He was an individual who just wanted to live his life.”

Alizée is surrounded by people that will keep her privacy...that allows her to just live her life between appearances.

And of course there is the Are You a Recluse Quiz

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

France Rocks New York

France Rocks New York - looks like fun!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bisoux is on My List

My friends wonder why I BLOG you all the time,
What can I say?
I don't feel the need to give such secrets away
You think maybe I need help though I know i am right, all right
I'm just better off not listening to friends advice

When they insist on knowing my bliss,I tell them this
When they want to know what the reason is
I only smile when I lie, then I tell them why

Because your kiss, your kiss is on my list
Because your kiss, your kiss is on my list
Because your kiss is on my list of the best things in life
Because your kiss, your kiss is on my list
Because your kiss, your kiss I can't resist
Because your kiss it's what I miss when I turn out the lights

I go crazy wondering what there is to really see
Did the night just take up your time, cause it means more to me
Sometimes I forget what I'm doing, I don't forget what I want,what I want
Regret what I've done, regret you? I couldn't go on

But if you insist on knowing my bliss,I'll tell you this
If you want to know what the reason is
I only smile when I lie, then I'll tell you why

Because your kiss, your kiss is on my list
Because your kiss, your kiss I cant resist
Because your kiss is what I miss when I turn out the lights

Hall & Oates 1980, 30 years ago! At least Jo & I can enjoy it.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some Alizée Name Dropping

Some Alizée Name Dropping

Paris Match

Le Nid is naming the fake sites, I'll catch the name drops and Alizé Alizée??? What are you doing? Am I going to have to carry you until 2011? oh my aching back...


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Monday, October 4, 2010

Alizée 2011

In case you missed it... concert, single...2011

There we go
it's news
it's good news
it's great news

Is anyone running out betting the house?
I didn't think so...

I want it, I really really want it... know... Shanghai, 2010 tour, Aesop, wolf...

I wonder what the Vegas odds makers are saying.

Lets keep a good thought and we'll put it on the map

Alizee Nation

Le Nid is back

Following Alizée is always an adventure. You actually learn a lot about French culture and idiosyncrasies.

About 2 weeks ago Le Nid posts on Facebook and Twitter ( @nidalizee ) that the website was going down.

That was it, that was all, nothing else. A quite panic set in....

Today it is back. Me taking a SWAG...
SWAG is a Scientific Wild Ass Guess as opposed to a...
WAG which is just a Wild Ass Guess

my SWAG is... URL registration was due, perhaps some change in hosting and back online. I think it's just hilarious that they don't mention it. Oh those French, it's none of our business. See the culture difference. What a hoot.

Of course I could be wrong.... let me think about that... naaaaaaa

Welcome back Le Nid

you come and go, you come and go...
I wanna be like Le Nid and Alizée when I grow up :)

Alizee Nation

Friday, October 1, 2010

Alizée Twitter and WWCD

Oh come on, you all saw it...

Did I really need to post it. There! See for yourself. Alizée actually updated her Twitter account. Not just her bi-monthly or is it semi monthly or what ever term is used for tweeting every other month... But actually updated who she follows.


No "Alizee Nation" follow... I have been drowning in a sea of self pity ever since. How can I go on, my blogging life is just not worthy. I could live with no twitter account update, we have all come to accept that. Pretty girls do what they want. I mean... I can live with being ignored, but this... this new turn of events... being rejected! I couldn't eat, I couldn't tweet, blogging was out of the question. I looked to see if blogger had a "hot line" number, someone to talk to about my thoughts of ending it all. Then even worse!!! My thoughts went to those who have flipped to the 'dark side', you know, the ones we can't talk about, the unmentionables. Many have fallen before me, just another notch on her lipstick case. I came this close to ending it all... there it was... right in front of me....'DELETE THIS BLOG'

But then... out of nowhere came this song, this answer to my prayer...

and I had this epiphany!!!! WWCD .... What Would Charlie Do?

Charlie would get right back on that horse and keep going, keep trying... I don't know why I had the TV on the educational channel that night but it was exactly what I needed. WWCD

So here we go, giddyup...

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