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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Alizée new album cover

Truthfully I saw what looks to be the new album cover and did not give it a second thought. Trying to just let things develop. But of course your comments have intrigued me.

Ruroshen and the letter A. Wow, I would have never looked at it the way Ruro did. see comments. Is he crazy... and then Jenny hopes this is not the final cover.

Jenny...interesting, I wonder...will a cover be published with a date on it? I also think Alizée has a tendency to tinker, as in the 5060 video, anime added to the TV screen. But printed art must have a final date, so you never know. Is the date just to serve a purpose online?

Ruro...let's talk... taking a look at the whole Institube label you see certain "looks". Two looks I see. First the black, white, gray themes. A fair amount of that. Then the geometric themes. Some one enjoyed geometry class and had a spirograph as a kid. The new "A" is more geometric, the Psychédélices "A" was tough to work with...I agree.

Take a look at the art work in Institubes. Geometry is the theme, very balanced, a Euclidian Art I suppose. The new cover has a hexagram along with a spirographic interior. I have no idea if it stands for anything and do not want guess at this time.

Look at ROB's artwork at institubes. Color is added but still very geometric. Twelve human figures around in a clock type circle. From Rob's bio, "From June 2009 to June 2010, for twelve consecutive months, Rob will write, record and produce an unknown number of songs, following the occult logic of his own inspiration and the meandering path suggested by the Gospels. Each month, a new record will be released, bearing his name and the title "Dodecalogue"--vinyl and digital formats. Each record will discuss one of the twelve apostles. Twelve records. Rejoice! " I think we are working with 12 here! Oh yeah, for fun take a look at Rob's Tumbler
Rob is always standing in the position of the drawings on his cover.

There are free style drawing but they are usually black and white etchings....Chateau Marmont, Alizee, Tiki Latex and more. Just go to Institubes and look. Geometrics...can be color and black and white free style.

So who is doing this...I suspect (and I could be wrong) ...House of Kids, take a look at todays twitter.

For some fun let's look at House of Kids post New hok's artwork, Uhuh. What is it saying? Geometrics inside a circle...square peg in round hole...I don't know :)

All this from the letter A

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AlizeeSouthAfrica said...


Am I the only one that sees the "A" as a french flag topped Eiffel Tower?!

Like this:

It was the first thing that popped into my mind.

And yes, it looks to be a House of Kids work, I saw that straight away, but I agree with Jenny if she is serious about a mainstream Pop release then maybe this is a little "heavy" for a cover and is certainly in stark contrast with ANY of the old ones she has done.

Then again I personally love it, just thinking in terms of broad appeal.


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