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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Alizée - Technikart article hitting the news...

The article is starting to make it rounds...

Here we have the poor Google translation...
"Alizée appears pinup very provocative '... for her comeback!
Ten years after the release of her debut single Me ... Lolita, sold over two million copies, Alizée announced his comeback with a new album chic and shock ... but above all, full of surprises! And if the bulk of madness Alizée was yet to come?
Now separated from Mylène Farmer (Grand forgotten the next NRJ Music Awards) and Laurent Boutonnat his two mentors from the beginning of the decade, the revelation of Star Seeds was very hard to part with its image of cheap lolita, singer for pre-teens with rooms lined with posters Star Club ...

"I do not know what would be my audience, I still fear it is mostly children. But no, it was very broad: children, parents, gays, people my age," said she to about this period was propelled to the front of the stage.

Latest album, Psychédélices in 2007, boosted by radio by Miss Juliet. The record label is gray Mine: 50 000 copies sold is very thin ... 30 times less than the first opus Delicacies, up among the best with near one million and a half Rondet sold. Fortunately, it is in South America (where she is a true star!) And in Japan it finds its audience: it begins by following a successful international tour.

A child of the century, is the title of his fourth studio album due in March at Jive / Epic: A first single has been catapulted onto the canvas in the spring to provide water at the mouth fans who now seething with impatience d 'find out more. She even called quartet Chateau Marmont, who has composed four pieces of the most delicious.

To make things great for this return to the front of the stage, Jérémy Châtelain wife and mother of a little Anny-Lee almost 5 years, could afford to appear in a magazine Technikart, considered highbrow and connected. Who's that girl? As in the monthly non-music series in January.

Alizée cover exposed skin in Madonna: it reinvents the cover of scandalously sexy single "Like a Virgin Queen of Pop.

"His pocket Like a Virgin, I had it in my room. My father was a fan (Madonna, editor's note), I grew up with his songs," says the singer in the magazine geek.

The least we can say is that the layer Madonna Alizee is successful.

And if, as is required by the magazine, the public had good taste?

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