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Friday, January 8, 2010

Alizée what next?

It is interesting...Alizée information comes in runs or spurts...kind of like watching a basketball game, teams have runs, points are scored in bunches. When is the next run of information will it arrive?
I do enjoy it, it is part of the fun of Alizée. How did we find out about the March 2010 album release? Think about it.

And of course we are never is never enough
So what are we to expect next? Obviously there is Les Enfoires...
Will anything happen before that? The single? Before or After Les Enfoires? Let's face it, we are at that point that we can definitely say that. If the album is due in March, the single needs to be released between now and then. It is the first time we can actually say that. So, before or after is where we are at and the only thing we can guess at.

Internet sites...can't guess at that. MySpace has not been touched since November 9th. They could be updated before the single release, but do they have to be? No, not really. Once the single is out, yes, something would need to happen, and perhaps even in preparation of the single release.

I read about the "comeback" of Alizée...following Alizée I really do not look at it as a comeback, this is just normal for if she releases an album every 2 1/2 years each is a comeback?'s just her pace, not a comeback.

So, when I ask Alizée what next? It is really a question I ask myself, it is not intended for Alizée, we will know when she tells her way.

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