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Monday, January 18, 2010

Alizée - YouTube

What is the current most views on YouTube? Oh wait a minute...I should make this part of the Jeopardy posts...well...maybe later.

Searching YouTube...under 'relevance' the winner is...may I have the envelope..."alizee Francesita SEXY" with 13,387,078 views and counting. The winner does not even list the song in the title...that's crazy.

Well let's change the search and go with "view count"
Here it appears "Alizée" does not have to be in the title, it includes in the description. So, who is the winner in this category? I don't mean wow I mean World of Warcraft! with 15,162,105 views and growing.
" World Of Warcraft: Dancing
.) 2: MC Hammer- Cant Touch This 3: Chubby Checker- The Twist 4: Alizee- J'en Ai Marre 5: Napoleon Dynamite (The music used in 'Napoleon ... "

What about uploads in the last week...there can't be that many...can there...check it out, here are some, my screen show 19 videos and the count is at 7 pages worth...some do not relate but most do. Just think what could happen if...

A quick note: Some of the things that have come up over the years just amaze me. Showing on this post is one of them. Coming up 5th in the view count category is Veni Vidi Vici with 6,607,713 views!!! Now I know the picture associated with it may draw in some extra visitors. But, the number of people that stumble on to here searching for he lyrics for Veni Vidi Vici has always amazed me. There is no video, there is no live video of Alizée singing it that I know of, it was never promoted...just another song. Frankly I have no explanation for its popularity. It just keeps coming up. Maybe it's just a "time slot" hit. The World of Warcrafters see that photo on the video 4 spots down and just click on it, then they want to know what is being said and look for the lyrics...good as any theory I guess.

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AlizeeSouthAfrica said...

The video content is staggering agreed, one can spend days looking at it all though there is a lot of duplication.

Over on Lillytown, Juloo (which i think is Julien) had the idea of approaching the owners of the most popular videos to put a small reference to Une Enfant Du Siecle at the start of the clips when we get more details, thereby converting some of the views into fans of the new stuff hopefully. Thought it was a clever idea.


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