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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Alizée....15 points and some old pics

15 Points

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Ruroshen said...

HA! And that's without a triple-letter or double-word score!

Love it. You know the way some people really get hardcore into Risk, or Monopoly, or Settlers of Cataan? That's how I am with Scrabble. Big time.

I also used to tutor English As A Second Language for middle-school kids when I was in high school & college, and it was the single greatest tool I had for expanding their vocabularies.

Love that game so much. Always will.

Incidentally, if any fellow Lili fans reading this has 'Words With Friends' (a Scrabble clone) on their iPhone or iPod Touch and wants to play, I'm game! My player name is, as you might expect, 'Ruroshen'.

(This tangent was brought to you by the letters 'Q' and 'Z', and the number 100.)

aw said...


Jenny_hro87 said...

just 15 points? xD that's too less for our Lili!


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