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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

tweet tweet tweet Alizée

What do you think...the 1000 true fans post and then an Alizée tweet...pure coincidence I know but it was a fun thought. It sure was serendipitous on my part. Lefty took full advantage of the timing to add some great commentary.

That 1000 true fans post received a lot of reactions. I have to say I learned that the fans really like to have feedback from Alizée. Really!

How about that pic...Robbbbbbbbbbbbbb

I am really liking the people Alizée has chosen to be around. Rob, Tahiti Boy and PalmTree family, the Institubes family. They are a very interesting group. Yeah I can just see them joking around right now...that whack job Alizee Nation likes us...bahahaha

Alizee Nation


AlizeeSouthAfrica said...

Ah, but we love being wack jobs don't we? The Alphageek influencer types.

Fasten your seatbelt dude, this is gonna be one crazy rollercoaster ride.

And how about that "Handsome Rob" in the photo? I take great comfort to know that this album is in the capable hands of some proper Alizée fanboys, it's the way it should be.


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