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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alizée - Golf and more...Pure People

Alizée - Golf and more...Pure People article
What a great little article!!!

Google Translator...
"The album of Alizée is in stores. The young Corsican defends a child of the century and its heady single Hills. Yesterday in Paris, she was signing copies on the Champs-Elysees before a crowd of fans love . This morning, she was the guest of Nikos Aliagas in 6 / 9 NRJ. The young woman has revealed some of his habits.

The singer gets up at 6:30 and Annily takes his daughter to school. At just 25, Alizée is already married for 6 years, and mom for nearly 5: "I am a daughter to the old," she said. A tiny woman of character who likes Vanessa Paradis for his journey, the film of Tim Burton and crunches for the debut album by VV Brown. Lady Gaga ? Not really ... in the category singer Provance, Madonna has any admiration.

With her restraint, her calm, her strength of character, not surprising to find great poker player. She plucked all the friends of her husband, Jeremy Chatelain. "To make amends, she accompanied him in his passion for golf: "It's a fan and it's pretty nice when the weather is nice. But I do not understand much, but our daughter is better two of us together! She puts the ball in the hole every time. She had her first club at the age of two years."

And if the girl became a golfer Alizée accomplished? "It is a possibility since he obviously can not count on her to take over: "My daughter sings very wrong!"

Annily celebrate its fifth anniversary on April 29 next. Her portrait, manga, is tattooed on his arm Alizée ...

Look above part of this interview, during which Alizée reveals that famous tattoo! "

Wonderful article.

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